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In a nutshell about us


We are Super Heroes to our clients !

We are a website development and online business solutions provider. Our goal is to help companies achieve the best Internet presence possible - we help businesses with online marketing and will successfully market products & services to your customers. This will help you increase your sales and build your brand online.

We believe that your website should be at the very core of your online digital marketing strategy and by keeping your website dynamic you will attract and keep your customer's attention and interest and thus turn your website into a powerful business tool.

We really do know our stuff !

We have been a powerful online solution provider for many, many years. Our team has a huge range of skills, from hosting your systems and websites in our State-Of-The-Art hosting facilities to programming and developing robust solutions for almost any type of business (and everything in-between).

We are a fully-fledged Internet Service Provider. The Super Heroes @ YIPS Africa have many years of combined Internet related experience and have expertise in ALL areas of the Web. So rest assured - you are in POWERFUL hands!

Our advantages


If you can imagine it, we can create it

How can I get the best advice on designing my website ?
I have a unique online business idea, what now ?
Talk to us, we have been developing websites and online solutions for many years and we have the knowledge, know-how and the best advice for you..


Competitive pricing to fit your budget.

How can I get an affordable website developed ?
Do you offer a payment plan ?
We will customize a system for you that fits into your budget, as well as tailor a payment plan that suits you. We pride ourselves on developing affordable solutions that actually work !


Why would you choose us over others ?

We are a One-Stop-Shop for ALL your internet requirements.
We give Professional and Personal service.
Our Support levels are unmatched.
Your Security & Safety is our top priority.
Our Pricing is extremely Competitive.
We are Trusted by numerous large corporations.

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