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Currently in South Africa it is common for the average app development project to take up to 6 months. At YIPS Africa we are fortunate that our turnaround time for launching an app is at an average of less than 2 months. This means that when you engage with us on your project and we embark on the development that your app can be live in all app stores within 8 weeks. Of course this depends on the scope of the project, but so far we find this to be the average time frame for our 40+ published apps.

The reason I bring up time is because this is how the cost of app development is determined. There is a skills shortage for mobile app developers in South Africa, and this means that many companies charge a very high rate per hour to develop apps. It also means that many of the app development projects are outsourced to countries like India where cost per hour is cheaper. This fact has also been to many local companies and clients’ detriment. Once you send your funds abroad to an unknown developer you are taking a huge risk. We have met with numerous clients that have had a bad experience with an overseas development company. Your risk as a South African is much higher when you outsource abroad as there is very little recourse available if things go wrong.

So what about the cost of app development? In the USA the average app will set you back a minimum of $5000 ( R70 000 ) then this app will not have any advanced location based services or any useful webservice/api integrations.

Twitter: Estimated cost according to thenextweb.com is at ( R3 500 000 )

Instagram: Estimated cost according to thenextweb.com is at ( R 4 200 000 )

Facebook: Estimated cost according to thenextweb.com is at ( R7 000 000 )

WhatsApp: Estimated cost according to thenextweb.com is at ( R1 680 000 )

An app like Uber actually is made out of two apps, a driver app and a consumer app ( the one we all use and love ). Uber has a full time team of developers and the reason for that is very obvious. But to estimate the initial build cost of Uber is quite daunting, thenextweb.com have done the research and they estimate Uber will cost ( R 14 000 000 ).

Pinterest: Estimated at ( R1 680 000 )

All the above apps have had a massive impact on people’s lives all over the world and disrupted several industries. But initially no one knew they would. Who do you know that will spend R4 200 000 on an app that lets you upload photos and then add filters to the photos? Yes, that is Instagram. When the app sounds so simple it does not mean the development was simple or inexpensive.

So what about some local examples of app costs. Data is very limited as the industry is still very much in the growth phase. There are local companies that take on a big project for companies that are listed on the JSE and then they will shut their doors and just work on that one project for 6 to 12 months at a cost of R3 000 000. At YIPS Africa we have developed native and hybrid apps for as low as R20 000. But of course it depends on the project. So we invite you to contact us for a quote.

At YIPS Africa we believe in not just developing the app for the client, but staying engaged in the project and the business. Because of this passion we have for our clients, we take pride in our work and we do not overcharge.

The bottom line is simple, the time to start a mobile app as a business in South Africa is now.

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