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Website Design

Professionally built websites that are fast, mobile friendly and stunning to look at.


WordPress E-Commerce

The easiest way to start selling products with an online store designed by Yips.

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Launch a successful digital strategy with Yips online marketing team.

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SEO Services

Professional search engine optimization to build your online presence.

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website hosting

Website Hosting

Enterprise grade servers with the world’s fastest and most secure Website Hosts.

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Digital Design

Logos and professional mockups for brochures and animated explainer videos.

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Business Management Consultancy

We tailor creative entrepreneurial solutions that ensure you are not
‘Doing Business in the dark’.

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Mobile App Development

At YIPS Africa we believe in not just developing the app for the client, but staying engaged in the project and the business.

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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Every business is different and therefore faces unique challenges on questions of IT infrastructure.

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We are a software development company from Johannesburg, 100% Black Owned EME, BEE (B-BBEE) Status Level 1 and a Procurement Recognition of 135% .

We are passionate about delivering strong, robust software solutions to our clients. We specialize in enterprise level systems that can solve many of the problems that businesses face as they grow and adapt to a changing marketplace.

Our team are highly skilled Johannesburg based software developers who have long-term experience across a wide range of technologies and industries. Whether you need specific skills or ongoing support, we have the people to help you.

Worlds of innovation

We have been a powerful online solution provider for many, many years. Our team has a huge range of skills, from hosting your systems and websites in our State-Of-The-Art hosting facilities to programming and developing robust solutions for almost any type of business (and everything in-between).

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Time is money

At YIPS Africa, we like to stay flexible so that you don’t spend months
(or even years) on clunky software that will waste your time.
We specialize in doing our jobs quickly and doing them well.

Location is everything

If you’re not happy with the current state of your IT and you’re looking for help to improve it, then get in touch with a friendly engineer from one of the top IT support companies in Johannesburg today..


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