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Premium SEO Maintenance

SEO will improve the quality of your website based on Google’s requirements. The better the quality score assigned to your website by Google, the higher they will rank you on their search page results. Think of SEO as a long term investment. The longer the investment, the higher the return. Getting to the top of Google doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t guaranteed. In fact, it usually takes 3 months to even see some results. Don’t let this discourage you though. Making the decision to begin investing in your SEO means you’re already a little closer to getting the results, and after time there WILL be results.

Just a quick bragging point: YIPS AFRICA ranks at the top of Google for keywords such as “Unlocking Business Potential” and “web design”, which are incredibly competitive keywords globally. So if you’re looking to make a long term investment in SEO – we’re a safe bet!


SEO Assessment
We will be able to conduct a thorough assessment of your website to see where improvements can be made in order to improve your results in search engines.

On-Page Optimisation
The on-page elements will be optimised for search engines. Don’t know what Meta tags and all those technical terms are? Don’t worry, we’ll handle everything for you.

Content Creation
Search Engine Optimisation goes hand-in-hand with amazing content. We can assist in creating fresh content for your website in order to optimise your website for search engines. Content isn’t just crucial for optimising your website for search engines, but also is a key component in communicating your offering to potential clients.

Local SEO
Being found locally can make a big difference to your business. From local on-page optimisation to geo-targeting, we can optimise your website to be found locally. This ensures that customers in your area is able to find your products and services, quickly and efficiently.

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