About us


Passion, commitment, and a lot of hard work.

Forget boring business as usual! YIPS Africa isn’t just a company, it’s a launchpad for your success. Founded in 2012 by the dynamic Judy Mangena, we’re 100% black woman-owned and a Level 1 BBBEE champion, meaning we’re not just talking diversity, we’re walking the walk with 135% procurement recognition.

But forget the stats, let’s talk about possibilities! We’re your one-stop shop for digital domination, from website development that wows to cyber security that sleeps with one eye open.

We optimize your software like a champion sprinter, and craft graphic designs so dazzling they’ll win awards (and customers). Need business intelligence sharper than a lion’s stare? We’ve got it.

Marketing campaigns that electrify the market? SEO, so savvy it dances with Google search bots.

We cater to all, from scrappy startups to seasoned giants, because everyone deserves a digital edge. So, ditch the old and embrace the bold.

YIPS Africa’s reach extends beyond borders, with offices proudly serving South Africa and Nigeria.

Our expertise transcends industries, empowering companies in engineering, financial services, automotive, health, and manufacturing to thrive across the African continent.

Creating Tomorrow

Africa’s booming tech sector is about to face a skills crisis: 1 million jobs, but fewer than 200,000 domestic graduates to fill them.

Enter YIPS Africa, your bridge to the continent’s untapped tech talent pool.

Since 2012, YIPS has been building a network of tech leaders in Africa, closing the gap for global companies while boosting Africa’s digital footprint.


  • Highly skilled tech workforce: We invest in their training, equipping them with expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.


  • Custom learning: Tailored curriculums built on Microsoft Learn, in-house labs, and industry certifications ensure mastery of relevant skills.


  • Leadership focus: We nurture technology leaders, not just workers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


  • Rapid growth: Our talent pool expands every month, meeting your rising needs with a skilled and passionate workforce.


Partner with YIPS and leverage Africa’s talent to build better products, faster.

We’re not just closing the gap, we’re fueling your success.


Nulla malesuada turpis.


YIPS Africa is a pioneer and a leading Microsoft partner in South Africa with competencies in:

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations & Dynamics NAV)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement Management (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement)
  • Business Productivity (Microsoft 365)
  • Electronic Document Management Systems (Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Business Intelligence (Power BI)
  • Cloud Transformation (Azure)
  • Bespoke Solutions

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ve tasted the digital spice of diverse industries, and that’s the secret ingredient to our success.

From tech titans like Microsoft, AWS, and Google to rising stars like Huawei, we’ve navigated every ecosystem, gathering expertise like seasoned chefs.

But it’s not just about the feast, it’s about your satisfaction.

Our Organisation, a MICT SETA-certified haven, empowers fresh grads to become digital alchemists, crafting their own skills to land dream jobs.

And with over 200 certified professionals simmering in our talent pool, we’re the culinary team you can trust for any digital transformation dish, from bite-sized startups to world-bank-sized challenges.

We’ve even mastered the art of customization, adding that extra pinch of “you” to every project.

So, ditch the bland digital banquet and let our diverse experience be the secret sauce to your success.

We’re not just serving solutions, we’re cooking up a digital revolution, one satisfied customer at a time.


Together, we craft solutions that work. Our 5-step methodology fosters a collaborative approach, where we partner with you to pinpoint your challenges, design targeted solutions, and diligently implement them.

Through ongoing monitoring, regular evaluations, and open communication, we ensure your long-term satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Your feedback fuels our process, solidifying our commitment to your success.

Yips Africa doesn’t just offer solutions, we offer handshakes.

We understand that in the dynamic world of business, progress is a shared journey. That’s why we partner with companies across the globe, infusing our expertise with a dash of local flavor.

With each collaboration, we unveil a new chapter in the tech-driven business saga, and you’re invited to co-author the next thrilling installment.

Company Value

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise of digital business transformation together with the drive of 100% accountability & zero excuses ensures consistent superior levels of service are delivered throughout our engagement with clients.

Our Vision

To digitally transform businesses in Africa in the way they operate and interact with their customers.

Our Vision

To digitally transform businesses in Africa in the way they operate and interact with their customers.
Our Service Offerings

Our Mission

To deliver technology services of the highest standard that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Mission

To deliver technology services of the highest standard that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations.
Let's Connect

Our Core Values


Above all, we’re a team.

We show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work.

We’re growing this company not just for our gain, but for each other.



We are proud to be problem solvers.
We like the people we work with – colleagues and clients – and we genuinely enjoy helping one another succeed.


Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.


Our clients trust us with their vision, and we take their needs seriously.

Work ethic

We are driven, passionate, and love new challenges.
With an "I can do anything" attitude at YIPS, we jump over hurdles.

Meet Our Team

Our Leadership.

Turn “what if” into “wow!” I drive modernization initiatives that catapult businesses into the future of digital success.

My expertise lies in leveraging emerging technologies and crafting bespoke solutions that unlock true value.

My passion aligns with yours: If it matters to your business, it matters to me. That’s why I’ve built a robust network of trusted relationships – from Government officials to Blue-chip partners and leading tech giants like Microsoft (through our Gold Partnership). This network, coupled with my proven track record in:

-Strategic visioning and road mapping
-Target Operating Model design and implementation
-Solution architecture and integration
-Delivering measurable business outcomes

I thrive in people-centric roles where I can leverage my:

-Compelling communication and storytelling skills
-Data-driven problem-solving and creative thinking
-Exceptional organizational and project management expertise
-To lead teams towards a shared vision and consistently exceed expectations.
– I am adept at getting things done.

Ready to unlock the transformative power of technology for your business?