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Professional Company IT System and Network Maintenance

The IT Infrastructure consists of a lot of different elements. These are network systems, software, data storage interfaces, and physical hardware that support the enterprise. Our clients have relied on us for technical support since we first started working with them years ago – they’ve enjoyed our reliable service which offers an array of resources customized to their needs.

The managed solutions we offer allow business owners like you to focus more on your company’s front end while still maintaining its backend in order to be as efficient and productive as possible!

After a system is installed and running, you can’t just leave it alone. Ongoing maintenance is an essential aspect of all the components of an IT system. There are no perfect systems, and every system breaks down periodically. The idea is to anticipate problems with periodic maintenance to minimize the frequency of breakdowns and, when they occur, reduce the downtime to a minimum. The classic Murphy’s Law says that “If it can happen, it will and at the worst possible time.” It’s been said that Murphy was an optimist. With our services, you will always have someone to call who will respond quickly to emergencies with a sense of urgency.

We pride ourselves on getting to know the ins-and-outs of your business. Our demonstration of how technology can help your business run more effectively and provide actionable steps towards progress is always our mission. We create solutions that enable companies to simply accomplish more.

Why Choose us

There is no IT issue too big or small.

An IT Infrastructure consists of elements building the usability and management of information and data. These are network systems, software, data storage, interfaces, and as well as the physical hardware needed to support an enterprise.

Our clients have been working with us for years and rely on us for technical support. We provide a reliable service that offers an array of different resources.

We know that technology is meant to simplify your daily operations, making your business run smoother and more effectively. Unlike many IT Support companies, we offer an array of services and provide the resources necessary to help our clients manage their work the best way possible. Every company is different, and we take that same attitude knowing that each of our customers’ needs are personalized to meet their unique needs.

Some of the IT Infrastructure Issues We Address to:

Support and monitoring

Operational maintenance

Preventive or corrective maintenance

Performance management

Why Managed IT Services Are The Less Expensive, Yet Preferred Option?

When large Enterprise companies hire Chief Information Officers (CIOs) they give them 2 goals. First, manage the IT infrastructure, systems and environment. Second, cut costs wherever you can.

What CIOs have learned is, it is expensive to hire enough qualified talent to take care of all their equipment, network, data and day-to-day operations like incremental backups, network monitoring, patches and updates, requisitions, decommissions and help desk.

Not to mention, it’s expensive when something goes wrong and they don’t have the expertise or available staff in-house to deal with it.

Plus, when it happens, it’s an unplanned event that can derail budgets because there is no way to plan for it. There may not be a major malfunction or event that causes a major downtime in your business this year, but next year you might be hit with two in a row.

And when they occur, it’s “all hands on deck” to get the network up and running, so employees can get back to work.

That means all in-house staff and your trusted managed IT services Boston provider or IT support company.

Unfortunately, a little incident can turn into “I can’t work because the computer’s down” for 3 days!

What if you have an important bid or proposal to get out? Or you just want to get the 15 employees who are sitting around waiting, back to work.

This downtime adds up. And it’s expensive!

What Is Included In A Managed IT Services / IT Support Agreement?

Essentially, managed IT service is a comprehensive package where for one monthly fee we provide all of your IT services and IT support. It includes 24/7 services to make sure your business stays productive and operational.

We provide all of the backends IT support that’s needed. So, if your employees need help, whether they are at the office or working remotely, they can call our help desk and they can get IT support.

Additionally, we are constantly looking out at the threat landscape and evaluating various options for maintaining data security and staying two steps ahead of hackers and cybercriminals.

At the same time, we are ensuring you have the processes and tools to not only stay safe but also to increase productivity and cut costs. This is why our Managed IT services packages include Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with you.

We want to do everything we can to ensure you have the IT infrastructure and support to realize your big-picture strategy and the ability to forecast well into the future.

And the brilliant part of this is, you know what it costs each month. It’s budgeted.

And instead of having to pay an arm and a leg when things go wrong. We can protect you, proactively get ahead of any problems and eliminate them before they become an issue.

Let Us Show You How IT Services Can Work For You and why Managed IT services are more than IT support.

All of our services work together to not only protect you and your data but also monitor your network and proactively fix things so you have less downtime and fewer issues which helps your people be more productive.

When you are ready to work with a company that partners with you and works with you to come up with the best solutions to your technology challenges, call us at +27 65 819 4709.

We’ll have a quick chat and schedule a technology audit to understand your needs and explain your options so you can choose the best IT support / managed IT services solution for you.