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Why a DevOps culture can benefit your product process

DevOps is not a service or a role. It is a working culture, in which Development and Operations teams cooperate closely. 

There are many benefits to deploying DevOps practices in your company.

1. Quicker deployment of new systems and apps
DevOps eliminates time-consuming tasks from the software development process. Previously, a developer could only deploy code to the software when the operations team tests the product. Now, with the automated testing of websites and apps, developers get instant feedback and continuous integration, which allows them to make code changes much more quickly.

2. Automation leading to cost savings
Because DevOps automates repetitive tasks and thus helps to eliminate bugs and errors, businesses can make significant savings. As Information Age reports, the use of DevOps slashed the release costs of one application by 97%, largely through the automation of significant parts of the process and through becoming less reliant on human testers.

3. Better customer service through continuous delivery
With a faster turnaround time of development cycles, codes can be released into the production cycle more speedily. With this approach to DevOps, the team is always set to ‘delivering any time’ to the production and the customer experience is improved.

4. Instant solutions to system errors
All business owners know that errors are the biggest enemy of any digital product. But with the use of DevOps methodology, instant solutions are created. Increased collaboration with the abolition of silos and iterative development means that defects are drastically minimized.

5. Abolition of silos
Before DevOps, innovation was carried out in seclusion, with groups of developers coming up with ideas or solutions to problems before sharing them with other parts of the business. Now, with the increased interaction between teams through DevOps, there is a lot more transparency and exposure between teams, leading to improved collaboration and better all round results.

The process of our work

What They Say

Infrastructure as code

  • Planning based on requirements
  • Construction of the first version of the architecture
  • Verification and modification
  • Rapid setup of multiple environments
  • Ensuring accountability, as the shape of your infrastructure is defined in the code.

CI/CD processes

  • Getting to know the project stack
  • Containerization of the services
  • Preparation of the processing pipeline
    Tests and analysis

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